See for yourself how CLOUDecision helps you make clear risk management decisions.

Additional SaaS Products

MarketPlace (MPL) Lending Systems: a state-of-the-art consumer lending with workflow system for bankers & non-bankers

Advanced Portfolio & Stress Testing: source, analyze, monitor, and identify inconsistencies

Capital Stress Testing & Risk Management: use a combination of Commercial RE, Portfolio Analysis & Stress Testing, and Capital Stress Testing at a significantly lower cost

Commercial Real Estate Decisioning: originate and underwrite all real estate related loan applications

Small Business Decisioning: small business origination, underwriting, adoptive score cards and manual and auto decisioning

Construction Analytics & Draw Mgmt.: provides sources and usages of cash flow for C&I, A&D and Residential Properties

Consumer Finance Decisioning: a dynamic consumer lending workflow designed to meet your needs for all loan submissions


At first, I thought that CLOUDecision would not be able to provide all the products and services that they claimed they could at the price they were quoting. I was very skeptical and waiting for the "catch". As it turned out, there was no "catch" and we have been very happy with their product.

Trish, Commercial Lending, Portfolio $314 Million

July 7, 2017
Automating Loan Process Keeps Small Banks Competitive

Automating Loan Process Keeps Small Banks Competitive

Community banks and credit unions are not only facing continued competition from big-name banks with generous marketing budgets but also from online lending companies. These lending providers are securing an ever-increasing share of the market with their streamlined application processes and ability to offer a decision and access to the funds within minutes rather than days.
June 23, 2017
CLOUDecision Commercial Lending Systems

4 Ways CLOUDecision Improves Relations Between Customers and Banks

For the commercial lending departments of today’s banks and credit unions, it is imperative to have access to an integrated and efficient loan evaluation system that supports applicable internal and external policies. However, the right system has a reach far beyond improving a financial institution’s internal mechanisms. It also builds trust with clients and streamlines processes for both sectors.
June 9, 2017
Fair Lending - CLOUDecision

Using Automation to Comply With Small Business Fair Lending Practices

The CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) recently released examination priorities around lending practices of financial institutions. These examinations will ensure that all financial institutions are staying compliant in fair lending practices. Now, more than ever, having an up-to-date and robust system that self-monitors fair lending practices for your institution is critical make sure you are complying with these federal regulations.

Get Compliant. Get Clarity. Get Lower Costs.

See for yourself how CLOUDecision helps you make clear risk management decisions.

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