CLOUDecision Frequently Asked Questions

1What is CLOUDecision?
CLOUDecision provides banks, credit unions, and private lenders with cloud-based commercial and marketplace lending systems.
2Can Premium Financial Analysis be purchased as a standalone financial analysis out of the box with no implementation?
Yes, any of our financial analysis products can be used immediately after purchase. We offer several packages as well as standalone products that can be added on as needed.
3How many SaaS products do you offer?
Currently, CLOUDecision offers 9 products that can be used separately or in conjunction with our other products.
4Can financial analysis be exported from the system?
Yes, exports can be transferred to Excel, Word, and PDF.
5How secure is CLOUDecision?
CLOUDecision is certified by AICPA, SOC1, Type 2 Security systems as mandated by NCUA and FDIC. Each login also requires three levels of authentication. All security documents and certifications can be provided at time of purchase.
6Is CLOUDecision compatible other core systems?
Yes, we have API’s for all core systems. We can also provide bi-directional or uni-directional data as needed and depending on your core provider.
7Is there a limit of applicants per analysis?
No. You can produce or create as many as needed. CLOUDecision is unlimited.
8Is real estate analysis available?
Yes, we offer Commercial Real Estate Decisioning as an add on product. RMA and industry data comparisons are also available. If you are a member or subscribe to RMA data, we can add it to the system for you at no additional charge.
9What happens to data if we don’t renew our contract?
All data is transferable via Excel. Data is purged after 90 days.
10How are upgrades to the system made?
Technology upgrades are done internally to ensure CLOUDecision is up-to-date with current trends and architectural efficiency. Feature upgrades are done between 6-9 months pending customer suggestions, recommendations and needs. We always take our clients advise before we release any upgrades.
11How long does setup and implementation take?
Setup and implementation is done on the cloud. Services are available on-demand after purchase. If you prefer to have it at your disposal, then it takes 2 hours to implement.
12Can we host on our own cloud server?